Annie’s Christmas talk at Camelot

Annie Aris at Camelot 2021

Laughter Specialist founder Annie Aris talks about The Laughter Specialists and the benefits of Laughter for sick children at The National Lottery HQ.

The National Lottery’s Local Health Award: Annie Aris

The National Lottery's Local Health Award: Annie Aris

PARALYMPIAN Kadeena Cox hailed Local Health Hero Annie for her unfailing work in bringing laughter to children living with illnesses or disabilities. In 2007 Annie used her years of experience in performing arts and social care to co-found The Laughter Specialists, a charity which supports children across South East England by providing laughter therapy in […]

Merry Christmas from The Laughter Specialists

Merry Christmas from The Laughter Specialists

Merry Christmas to all our lovely children, families, supporter, funders and partners. May the New Year bring relief from the trials of 2020.Sending out our Laughter and Fun to you all. A child’s laughter could simply be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world . .

Bottleproof Cocktail Event

COME AND JOIN US… Thursday 30th July for our online Bottleproof cocktail event. Book your Bottleproof Cocktail Pack and gather with your friends either virtually or using social distancing. Tune in to the founder of Bottleproof, Mark Thompson at 7pm for a 30 minute cocktail tasting experience. Packs £20 makes 4 cocktailsOrder from Ref […]