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I am writing to highlight the great role the Laughter specialists would have if they were able to come to Addenbrookes hospital. Entertainment sessions such as those the Laughter specialist can provide enable the children from 0 to 16years to have fun in an otherwise strange and sometimes scary setting. The opportunity to laugh, joke and become engrossed in activities can and do help alleviate pain and suffering that the children may be enduring. Children who have the opportunity for fun become less bored with their situation are able to focus on something other than their illness which can lead to them coping with their situation more and even recovering quicker. For the siblings of sick children this entertainment enables them to see that hospital is not always a scary place to be and again they can focus on something other than the illness of their brother or sister.

We would love to have regular visits from The Laughter Specialists. They came recently and the spirits of the children and parents visibly lifted. Their work helps children laugh and forget their pain and fears for a while. The effect lasts long after they go and I know parents appreciate it as they can see their child having some fun amidst the ‘chaos’! We would ask for help with fund raising to allow a visit to brighten up the lives of our children.

I just wanted to say how much I admire the work you do for special needs children. I teach guitar myself, and am very lucky to do so for able bodied kids, I’m lucky that I have many talented to people to share my knowledge with. Seeing the videos on your website made me feel truly humbled, and if I’m honest it brought a tear to my eye. You are the living embodiment of what gives society a real value and I salute you.

Observations at Broomfield Hospital from Mo Cartwright,-Trustee Action for Sick Children

” Mother and daughter were sitting with no interaction. After only a few minutes of distraction from The Laughter Specialists they were laughing with lots of eye contact, and private smiles.”
“Boy with parents and grandparents present all very quiet and worried about imminent operation. In a very short time everyone was relaxed and laughing. The parents thanked the clowns for the removal of tension from all the family.”
“A family with infant patient and her two small brothers who were visiting with Dad,they were all entertained – Mum was delighted to see her sons laughing and enjoying themselves – she relaxed, and the baby started feeding!!!”
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Thank you and well done, I wanted to feed back some positive comments to you on our recent children’s survey, some children reported you as the best thing about their hospital visit, thank you for making a difference to the children. Carol Newman, Matron Children’s services.

They are very good performers who are professional in all aspects of their work. It is important that children of all ages are entertained as laughter is a great therapy. It helps people to become more interactive and helps with low esteem.

I believe the Laughter Specialists would bring laughter and fun to the children and young people using their specialist skills to improve their quality of life

Milton Children's Hospice

We would like the laughter specialists to visit us because children coming into hospital find it pretty stressful. If they see you once it makes it special and if they see you on a regular basis so they get to know you and look forward to it makes it very special. It would be brilliant if you could come regularly and give the children a special day. Great Entertainment. It keeps their spirits up

Other Comments Collated Across Venues

“My Daughter really enjoyed being made a balloon poodle and having a song sung to her. I think they did brilliant and bring a smile and distraction to the children.”
Parent, Gemma Barnes
“The Laughter Specialists make a difference by making the children smile and help them enjoy themselves on the ward”
“It helped mum and dad to calm her down. It was really good, thank you. It is a really good idea and relaxes and calms them and helps their recovery. It really took the pressure off”
Parent at Broomfield Hospital
“I thought they were very good. Cheered my daughter up. Amy found them very funny”
J. Gilbert, parent, St. Johns Hospital
“Very good, all the children were thoroughly enjoying being entertained and it helped to relieve the boredom of waiting in hospital and took their minds off what ever they were in for my son was giggling with delight.”
S. Railton, St Johns Hospital, Chelmsford
“I found them very funny, they made the children and visitors laugh. Also they were very gentle and not in the child’s face, friendly and amusing”
Suky, work experience play worker, Queens Hospital
“I would like them to come every day”
Nicola, Staff Nurse, Queens Hospital
“There were very considerate of each child and how much “Entertainment” they provided. In each case they judged it right. They provided a great uplift of spirits for all on a day that had begun on a very low note due to bereavement. I would love to have them every week”
Lyn Clarke, Head Play Specialist, Tropical Lagoon Ward, Queens Hospital, Romford
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