Spreading the Laughter Bug


Meet our New Laughter Specialists

Corinne Wilkinson - Laughter Specialist

I’m Corinne Wilkinson. I’m an actor, voiceover artist and children’s entertainer! I’ve predominantly performed in children’s theatre over the last few years and I taught Drama to children in local stage schools. I’ve worked for the Laughter Specialists since January 2023 and I love singing, puppetry and generally making myself look silly. Making children giggle is the best feeling in the world.

My name is Emily Haldane AKA Aunty Celery. I am a global citizen who was born and raised in South Africa, but I have lived and worked in Australia, Cambodia and now the UK! I am a trained performer, facilitator, puppeteer, content creator and theatre maker. My speciality lies in my work with children and my unique way in which I can connect with them. Using the power of theatre, dance, mime and puppetry I have opened up the minds of children around the world in marginalized spaces. As a multi-disciplinary artist, I enjoy working through lots of different lenses and perspectives to create bespoke work that touches those around me. I have always been a child at heart who loves being silly and making people around me laugh. Most people say that I need to be more serious about life, but all I want to do all day is channel my inner child and run free!

I’m Nick Delvalle. I’m an actor, writer and improvisor. I graduated from the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2009 with a firm grounding in Classical theatre. However, after a few years it dawned on me that playing Hamlet was a lot less fun than being a professional comical character (although, if the RSC want me, I’m happy to take that meeting). I’ve been with the Laughter Specialists since April, and can’t believe I have the perfect job and get into all kinds of shenanigans. I love singing, falling over and I’m particularly proud of my monkey and elephant impressions.