Spreading the Laughter Bug

Covid-19 Update

Dear Supporters & Partners,

Due to the COVID-19 crisis our Laughter Specialists visits to hospitals, hospices special schools and other centres are on hold for the time being. Whist we know this is very sad and disappointing, we know we must keep everybody safe and save our NHS. We do know that during this time the specialised work we do is more important than ever, and so we are working closely still with our colleagues in health, education, social care, partner organisations and families to develop and create new safe ways to continue supporting the health and wellbeing of those we visit. We fully support the guidelines of the government and are so appreciative of all the keyworkers and frontline staff who daily put themselves on the line for the rest of us.
We are working hard to use our creative juices to connect, alleviate stress, have fun and spread laughter via online digital sources as well as some carefully planned social distanced home visits in gardens and/or through windows. We know how important Laughter is to build resilience and keep us smiling and strong through these unprecedented times. Through our years of experience we know that humour is a great medicine in times of adversity and we will keep on working hard to bring you some joy and light during this time.
We are making group films to share, carrying out home visits, doing small group sessions on-line and making bespoke individual films for our special beneficiaries. If you know of any sick, poorly or disabled child in Herts, Essex or Cambs that could benefit from our service please get in touch and let us know and we will see what we can do. Also please follow us on social media and if you can give a donation to support this crucial work and make a difference please click here

Laughter Specialists - Covid-19 Update