Entertaining, guiding and helping children in hospital and those with special needs
Entertainers and performers who bring fun and laughter to the sick and vulnerable...
* healing improvisation * comedy * clowning * magic * songs * play acting * music * puppets *
Fun, giggles, interactive shows and workshops when visiting hospitals, hospices and special schools

“I need a good laugh” how many times have you heard this said? Especially when people are sick or in some way vulnerable. Laughter and fun are essential to our lives. Without it, we can become depressed and prone to further illness.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to help children and adults who are sick or who have special needs by cheering them up with laughter and fun?

Teachers, doctors and care staff tell us they have found our visits to be stimulating and enhancing and more importantly, the children and adults we meet have said how much they love to join in the laughter and fun and how it improves their well being.

One person who has experienced the work of The Laughter Specialists clown doctors, Mrs Maddie Standen of Saffron Walden, who has a child with numerous learning disabilities, said:

“The Laughter Specialists bring the unparalleled gift of laughter to those who are often unable to. To see your child able to participate in a seemingly easy emotion for us is priceless. In that moment, where your child is able to smile, giggle and laugh they have no disabilities and are equal to all. I would like to sing the praise of the Laughter Specialists from the highest mountain, what they do for families like us is unmatched”.

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Dr Russell, consultant paediatrician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital

“We are seriously delighted to announce that Dr Rob Ross Russell, a Consultant Paediatrician at Addenbrookes, has agreed to become a Patron of The Laughter Specialists. This is a massive coup for us and the note below gives you insight into the experience he has of what we do alongside how passionately he feels about the work we do for all sick and vulnerable children across East Anglia .. a great day, a great future! Take a read….

“As a consultant paediatrician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, I know how hard it is for children to be stuck at the hospital. For some it is just a visit to the clinic – which itself can be a difficult or traumatic episode – but for many it is an inpatient stay on the wards. Many children are in for just a few days but for some the stay can be very lengthy. Children with cancer, or following major trauma. Children with learning difficulties or facing major surgery or with long-term conditions like diabetes or cystic fibrosis. For them and their families time passes slowly, and they are often a long way from the friends and even family.

Annie and Patrick address this with their work. They visit these children, and use their skills to bring laughter and smiles to the children and their families. And it is not just light-hearted fun – it works. People have now studied the effect of clowning on the health and recovery of children in hospital and demonstrated that it helps.

This was the conclusion of one big analysis that reviewed all the published data on the effect of laughter: We found that hospital clowns play a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety levels in children admitted to hospitals as well as their parents. (Eur J Pediatr (2016) 175:1353–1360)

So we know it works, and we know that it is not part of routine NHS funding – so we rely on charities like the Laughter Specialists to help provide this important care. I would encourage you all to support this great team of dedicated people in their important work.”

A Smile a Mile

A smile a mile...

Come and find us this Saturday the 12th January near the market square , saffron walden , powered by the British heart foundation shop that is supporting our event and with special acts, including :-

  • Starbucks free & discounted coffee vouchers!
  • Claire from Luna glitter bar bringing some sparkle to our event
  • Local young budding busker Elisha Flower and headline act Ben Smith
  • Balloon modelling , bubbles and comedy laughs
  • Fruit and sweet stall
  • Vision fitness promoting health and fitness and discounted gym membership
  • Norse foundation for personal training, running tips and physio
  • and more...

Please come and support raising both the profile and funds for the laughter specialists charitable trust and raising awareness for what laughter can do for children with both special needs and long and short term illnesses in hospitals across East Anglia, Herts and Essex. Bringing a smile and laughter to children in hospitals no matter what they have wrong with them is an amazing gift and every £1 raised will go towards making a child smile.

Donating just £10 will make a huge difference.
Help us run a mile a minute all day long by cheering us on

Come and support Kerinda & Jason Trigg, as well as The Laughter Specialists Annie, Patrick and friends

Donating just £10 will help bring a smile to a child’s face and make a difference in both their rest-bite and recovery and will improve their mental health and wellbeing and reduce associated illnesses like child depression and anxiety and stress.

Kerinda’s London Marathon 2019

The amazing Kerinda Trigg will be running the 2019 Virgin London Marathon to raise money for the Laughter Specialists. Find out more…

Thank you to all those that supported us at Race Night.

We raised £1873.81 a truly amazing amount that will help us continue visiting many sick and vulnerable children across East Anglia.  Thank you!

What an amazing afternoon spent at The Saffron Walden Carnival!
Joost Baker, Managing Director of Containerlift – seen on the right with Annie Aris – not only generously donated the trailer for the event, but is even seen running alongside collecting money in a bed pan! We’ve seen it all now!
Thanks to all of our supporters that day….Containerlift for providing the truck and driver – essential stuff!; Printing.com for printing up leaflets and posters; The Costume Company for supplying the ‘Casualty’ nurses and doctors costumes and to Bicicletta who held an evening of Cocktails and biking to raise us a little more money. 

Fund raising for the Laughter Specialists

All of you are outstanding and much loved by The Laughter Specialists Team…Thank you!

The Laughter Specialists would like to thank all of our amazing sponsors -